Effortless modernization using community brainpower

Useridea.io uses brainpower to innovate. Understand which ideas to pursue by collaborating with customers. Whether you have 100, 3000, or 50.000 of them.

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Turn more of your hard-earned users into brand advocates

useridea.io allows you to smartly listen to your users. Track all bright ideas of your users, team, and partners in a central place. Show that you take them seriously. Meanwhile, your support team saves around 30 hours each month for not manually recording suggestions and providing updates.

Automated updates

Keep engaged users in the feedback-loop from day one. Users that follow ideas are automatically kept informed of updates.

Duplicate detection

Users are actively encouraged to support similar ideas instead of posting new ones.


Add planned ideas to your roadmap so that everyone can see what you will be working on in the next couple of months.

Easily validate ideas with your users before building them

useridea.io enables you to validate desirability before building. Save your resources for suggestions that really matter for your users.


Let your users vote on their favorite ideas. Helps you (and them) to understand which ideas are key to your community and which are not.


Provide your community with a platform to discuss innovation. People can add comments and reply to them.

Panel group discussion

Easily contact everyone that likes a suggestion for further follow-up or validation of designs. Or to drink coffee together.

Understand trends and implement suggestions that deliver impact

useridea.io provides you with a toolbox to identify the best suggestions. Note down your criteria per idea based on industry standards. Select quick-wins that have the most desirability and the lowest effort to implement.

Suggestions overview

Get a complete and up-to-date overview of all suggestions and their criteria. useridea.io automatically determines desirability based on user votes.

Priority matrix

Based on your criteria per idea, get a graphical overview of all ideas. Visually understand the trends, quick wins, and the best suggestions.

Promote to Roadmap

Add the best ideas to your roadmap so that everyone can see what you will be working on in the next couple of months.

"Each day, I'm advising how companies can become more Agile. It all starts by listening to your customers and getting them more involved."

Ruben Buijs
Founder at useridea.io

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to monitor SPAM and co-destruction?
We believe in automation as much as possible. Therefore, we strive to auto-detect SPAM and co-destructive comments. Our AI is continuously learning and improving.
How will my customers be engaged to like suggestions?
We have many options to get your customers to interact with our platform. For example, we can send a request once in a while to vote on the top three suggestions. Get in contact if you want to know more.
Is my data safe with useridea.io?
All of your data is safely stored at our cloud databases at Amazon AWS using encrypted transfers.
Can my competitors see the suggestions I get?
No, they cannot. Your board can be configured as private. This will only show your suggestions to logged in customers. Next to this, you can auto-allow customers by their email-domain or accept their accounts by hand.
What is the incentive for my customers to post suggestions?
Their main incentive will be to speak their mind and seeing that things get picked up. Therefore, we have the "done" category visible at the top. Here customers can see that some of the previous suggestions have been implemented.
How can I determine quick wins?
Quick wins can be identified by adding the investment/effort criteria per idea. This way you can get a graph with on one hand the desirability and the other the investment required. This helps you to single out the quick wins.

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