Turn one-way feedback into insightful conversations

Use brainpower to innovate your product. Understand which ideas to pursue by collaborating with customers. Whether you have 100, 3000, or 50.000 of them.

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Launch Superfans

Give loving customers the platform and experience they dream about. Shape your brand and product(s) together with them.

Gain Brilliant Insights

Let customers vote on the ideas they require. See how many people truly want to have a suggestion. Discuss the implementation options with them.

Jumpstart Adoption

Include passionate customers in the implementation. Let them instantly know when their loving new wish is ready to be used.

Boost Feedback

Actively invite customers for their inputs. Prove that you take customer feedback seriously. Grant them a clear status and updates for all their ideas.

Incredible Features

Plug & Play Widget

Let your customers interact with Useridea.io through a widget (example). Adding the widget to your website is super simple and only requires pasting a single line of code.

Voting & Discussions

Let your users vote on their favorite ideas. Helps you (and them) to understand which ideas are must-haves. People can also add their comments to provide more flavor to their votes.

Internal Chat

Open a chatbox for each idea. Here you can discuss anything that you want with your team. Keep things tied with the suggestion 🙌

Public Roadmap

Add planned ideas to your roadmap. Show customers what you will be working on in the next couple of months.

No Account Needed

Users can suggest ideas without creating an account. When they would like to receive updates, they can use their Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, or Google account.

Duplicate, Spam & Profanity Filters

Users are actively asked to support similar ideas instead of posting new ones. We monitor spam and profanity for you and perform automated and manual reviews.

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Free 14 day trial - No credit card required.

Integrates with your friends

We respect your workflow. We work great with your existing tools.

"Each day, I'm advising how companies can become more Agile. It all starts by listening to your customers and getting them more involved."

Innovation Consultant

Turn one-way feedback into insightful conversations

Free 14 day trial - No credit card required.

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